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Apex Legends Season 20: Everything You Need to Know!

With Apex Legend making its way to the top and marking its presence for the past five years, the game is now celebrating its fifth anniversary with the Season 20 Update known as Breakout, which introduces new mechanics, venues, and a collection event. As always, with every new season comes a new battle pass, complete with tiers of cosmetics to unlock. 

If catching up on all of the latest passes is too much for you, you can always purchase an Apex mobile account for sale that will help you gain all of the weapons in no time. With that being said, let us now explore the contents of Season 20.

What is new in Season 20

Season 20 marks the fifth anniversary of the fast-paced and octane-fueled battle royale game, and Respawn, the publisher and developer for Apex Legends, celebrates the occasion with new EVO mechanics, a new map, Performance Mode, and much more!

Speaking of maps, a brand new map known as Thunderdome will be coming to the Mixtape mode, and the map rotation for this season will be Stormpoint, Olympus, and World’s Edge.

Shields have been completely removed from the game, and to replace this system, every Apex Legend now has Legend Armor fueled by swappable Shield Cores, each with their own HP.

In addition to Shields, Legend Upgrades are now available, which will allow you to upgrade your chosen Legend within a match (the Upgrades are reset in every match) as you earn EVO - which includes EVO from the new EVO Harvesters and EVO Caches, these upgrades offer a variety of bonuses such as improving your armor tier.

The highlight of the changes made in this season is the introduction of the Performance Mode; where if you are playing on the Next-Generation Consoles such as the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X/S, Season 20 of Apex Legends, Breakout, will be introducing 120 fps of smooth gameplay for you along with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for controllers!

And lastly, here are a couple of additional bits of information regarding Breakout. Now that Wattson has a Pylon upgrade, it may stack Pylons once more and, in the event that it breaks, create Arc Stars. Crypto is implementing faster drone deployment and recall transitions, and from the online press briefing, it looks like Ash may be receiving one or more significant upgrades.

SMGs can no longer use the Digital Threat 1x, which is only compatible with shotguns and pistols. The Care Package and Weapon balances are changed for the season, while the 30-30 Repeater and Hemlok are both nerfed. 

There is also the introduction of a brand new mode called Straight Shot, which aims to bring you into the heat of the fast-paced Apex Legends gameplay immediately. The beloved Three-Strikes mode will also be returning to the Mix Tape later in the season.

Be sure to stack up on those Apex points so that you can remain on the top of the rankings and bask in that glory!

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